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Writer's Tips



This frequently updated series of brief articles (I prefer the word “chats”) will be about us (you and me) and our writing. My goal is to help you reach your personal writing goals by giving you brief insights into the community of writers and the craft of fiction writing.

Here’s the first bit of good news. Anyone can join this virtual community without cost or past experience. You don’t need to be a published writer. You don’t need to have a college degree. You don’t need to live in or near a large city. All you need to belong is a love of good writing and great stories, and a willingness to participate by writing the stories you love and occasionally exchanging ideas with other writers.

Each chat focuses on a different aspect of writing for pleasure or publication. All are written by me, Kathryn M. Johnson, former literary agent, professional writing coach, and author of over 40 published books (penned under various pseudonyms including Kathryn Jensen, K.M. Kimball, and Nicole Davidson). These chats are offered to you for free, but are copyrighted. I ask that you not duplicate them for use in classes or forward the text to others without my written permission. Instead, steer other writers to this website, letting them choose the topics that interest them. Feel free to use the tips I provide here to enrich your writing and to reach your personal writing goals, whatever they may be.

My best wishes for many productive hours of creative bliss . . .Kathryn 

#1 Seasons of Writing

#2 Time for Writing

#3 Multitasking

#4 Writing Fiction to Sell: Keep it Brisk