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How Can I Help You?

I work with writers of all levels from novice to multi-published. Fiction is my specialty—novels, novellas, short stories—in a variety of genres. Among my favorites are romance, mysteries, thrillers, historical and mainstream fiction for both adults and children. I also have helped clients with their memoirs, biographies, and family histories.

Because my background is in education, I don’t simply edit material that comes to me. I work hard at educating and advising my clients, helping them become better writers and showing them ways to shape their style and their concepts to work for today’s publishing market. I keep in touch, gently critique, and encourage my writers to stick to a productive writing schedule. My clients know they can call on me when the going gets rough. We untangle writing problems together.

If this sort of mentoring arrangement sounds appealing to you, consider emailing or giving me a call to discuss your work in progress. Our 15-minute conversation will cost you nothing and you’ll be under no obligation if you decide we don’t “click”. Even better, before contacting me check out an excellent website hosted by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, which will help you understand both the benefits and risks of working with writing services, publishers, and literary agents:  (Scams, unfortunately, abound in the publishing world. If you’re considering entering it, you should be aware of those who might try to take advantage of you.)