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“You would think that after 25 published books and a couple of Edgar and Anthony nominations – no horn tooting here; I’m making a point - I wouldn’t need the services of a writing coach.  Think again.  If book number 26 ever hits the stands, it will be thanks to Kathryn’s Write by You.  Her suggestions re my work in progress have made it a far better book.  I highly recommend her services.”  Chassie West, author of the Leigh Warren mystery series

After flying halfway around the world to seek a writing mentor's advice, I
met with Kathryn in Washington D C.  Over lunch and gradual conversation, I was rewarded with clear and concise criticisms and suggestions that improved the manuscript.  She helped me work through trouble spots and gave encouragement.  I learned.  Since returning to Yemen, I have given Kathryn's name to other writers seeking professional advice.  Writing can be lonely--we need support.  C. Han, Hilo, Hawaii and Sana'a, Yemen

“Kathryn has been a great mentor to me.  Although I belong to several critique groups, I often feel that the feedback I get from friends and colleagues is based on personal preferences.  Kathryn was able to give me objective feedback based on what works in the marketplace.  I know Kathryn has many clients, but she has been able to spend one-on-one time with me, and gave me the individual attention that I needed at this stage of my career.  I would highly recommend her to other fledgling writers.”  JF, Bowdoin, ME 

“Write by You has made a huge difference to my writing.  Kathryn provides a sympathetic, reliable and intuitive guide through such diverse aspects as plot problems, writer's block, marketing, getting an agent, even line editing. She has experience in all these fields and is a gifted mentor.”  PH, McLean, VA

"Kathryn's mentoring service, Write by You was exactly the inspiration I needed to regain momentum for my first novel, The White Veil. How often do new writers get an opportunity to work directly with a successful, published author who understands the subtleties that make the written word compelling for both readers and publishers? You can be assured of supportive feedback with a trusted professional who adheres to the highest ethical standards and is interested only in your success. I highly recommend this service!"         D.M. Gerard, author of The White Veil

“Write By You has been RIGHT for me!  Kathryn's attention to detail has added polish to my prose, but more importantly, her encouragement  has given me confidence.  I truly feel like a writer and I'm enjoying the journey--wherever it may lead.”
                                                          Shawn Wilson, Arlington, VA

Kathryn's suggestions and encouragement are incredibly helpful and made all the difference to my story. I knew something wasn't quite right but couldn't put my finger on it. She zeroed in on the problem immediately and showed me how to address it. In addition, Kathryn's response time is very quick. Therefore, the story is still fresh in my mind when I receive her comments and it’s easy to incorporate her suggestions. Her service is definitely a good investment for any writing career!    KP, Newington, CT

I find Write by You an invaluable mentoring service.  A gentle but precise critic, Kathryn provides professional guidance as well as constant support.  Before working with Kathryn, I received rejection after rejection.  Now agents are taking notice and requesting material. Contacting Kathryn was the best career move I ever made.                   LA, Three Rivers, Texas  

“Even a highly experienced novelist can sometimes use another set of eyes on a manuscript.  And Kathryn Johnson’s vision is very keen.” Rebecca York, author of GHOST MOON