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Coaching is an extension of the instructional edits I give my clients. (See the Editing section for more on this.) Once we’ve had a chance to work together, focusing on your writing strengths as well as areas where you need help, you will be able to make a decision about how you’d like to proceed. Over 90% of my clients return to me for ongoing support as they continue their writing careers. We chat about what you feel you most need from me (e.g., help with grammar, plot logic, dialogue, developing believable characters, polishing the final draft, working on a second or third book). We discuss how much time you’d like to reserve from my schedule and how often. We talk about any concerns you may have about marketing the finished material. Fees are paid in advance for the hours reserved. (We usually work in small increments of 3-6 hours to keep our relationship affordable and relaxed.)

I function at the client’s comfort level and pace, but I do need my writers to let me know when they’ll need me so that I can plan my daily sessions. (It sometimes seems that everyone calls for review time on the same week!) Reserving and paying ahead of time guarantees my clients their privacy and the individual attention they deserve. Even when things get a bit busy, though, I usually can turn around an edit within 7-10 days after a check clears my bank. Oh, and one other important point… No one but me sees my clients’ work; I never ship off manuscripts or files to freelance readers as some services do.

I’m virtually “on call” for my writers. If they need to brainstorm, worry about a character’s realistic behavior, or have an anxiety attack over marketing their work…I’m accessible. We talk on the phone. We figure out ways to handle writers’ block. We work together on productivity and time-management issues. Yes, of course, I sometimes leave my office! I spend time with my family, go sailing over the weekend, and often travel to writers’ conferences throughout the U.S. But I do keep in touch with my authors, and I never have a problem with their calling me when they’ve written themselves into literary corners. If you want to hear what my wonderful authors think of me, click on Endorsements under the About Us button!